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Do you want to dive the beautiful and challenging reefs of Bonaire?

Gone Diving is your local dive guide and PADI instructor

Gone Diving offers all kinds of shore diving on Bonaire, but we do this preferably by diving the more remote, unknown and adventurous shore side sites like Cai, Baby beach, Lighthouse, Red Slave, Country’s Garden, La Dania’s Leap, Candyland, Tailor Made and many more “off the beaten track” dive sites. Our experienced dive guides have a passion for diving and Bonaire. That is precisely why we want you to be a part of this beautiful underwater world and we would like to discover the challenging and beautiful reefs of Bonaire together with you.

Join us on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of Bonaire's shore diving.

Our services

Guided dives at the East coast & other adventures sites

Join us for a two guided dive event and explore the off beaten dive sites of Diver’s Paradise in the Caribbean. We take you to the adventurous more unknown sites at the East coast like Cai, Shrimp Factory and Baby beach. In the South of the island to Lighthouse or Red Slave. And to sites like Blootlet, Country’s Garden, La Dania’s leap, Karpata, Tailor Made and  Candyland in the North side of Bonaire. 

DSD, Open Water, Advanced, and Specialty PADI courses

With more than 10 years of experience as a PADI dive instructor on Bonaire, you will receive the best support and training from us during your dive journey and learn everything you need to know to become an open water or advanced diver. After these multi-day courses you will be able to dive safely and with confidence, so you can really enjoy the beautiful reefs and fish. During these lessons you will receive full attention, because we teach in small groups, with maximum of four people. 

Sail & Dive on the beautiful reefs of Bonaire

Are you in for an amazing sailing trip with diving and delicious food while enjoying the sunset? Together with Epic tours Bonaire we organize a “Sail & Dive” trip for a full day. This will definitely complete your dive vacation. A sunny day on a catamaran for individual divers, families, a group of friends or colleagues. You get 2 guided dives. plenty of time to enjoy good food from the BBQ and unlimited drinks. A ultimate relaxed day you will never forget. 

Enjoy this sneak peak of a Gone Diving experience

Reviews from other divers

The best dive of my life!
Diving with Eric is an absolute must! He knows these dive sites like the back of his hand, resulting in relaxed and stress-free diving. We did two shore dives with him on the east coast and will definitely contact him again next time we are in Bonaire. Safety comes first and you can tell he has a passion for diving! I have completed over 100 dives in the Caribbean and can honestly say my dive today was the best dive of my life.
Definitely recommend Eric to our diving guests!
We've done many dives on Bonaire ourselves, but for some dive sites you need an experienced guide. Eric took us to the Lighthouse divesite. Excellent briefing to prepare us for a bit of challenging entry/exit and what we might expect during the dive. The dive was amazing, and Eric was always on the ball pointing us to stingrays, green moray eel, turtles and guiding us along the beautiful soft coral. Patient, supportive, informative and a knowledgeable guide is what you get when diving with Gone Diving. 
Casa Mantana Bonaire
Learning how to dive with Eric was amazing!
He’s a super relaxed guy with a lot of humor. But when it comes to become a safe diver, he’s very serious. He showed me several very nice spots to dive, and knows where to find special fishes.
Also he was willing to tell me a lot about Bonaire, was very patient with me when I was nervous to get under water, and gave me a lot of confidence about being a safe and good diver. 

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Prices 2023

Guided Dives

  • Guided dive $ 57,-
  • Guided night dive $ 67,-
  • Private guide (per hour) $ 75,-

PADI Courses

  • Discover Scuba Dive $ 99,-
  • Open water Padi course $ 525,- 
  • Open Water e-Learning $ 425,- (excl. code)
  • Advanced Open Water $ 365,-
  • Advanced Open Water (incl. Night Dive) $ 375,-
  • EFR $ 190,-
  • Rescue $ 415,-

PADI Specialties 

  • Nitrox $ 119,-
  • Dive against debris (1 dives) $ 89,- 
  • Peak Performance Bouyancy (2 dives) $ 149,-
  • Fish ID (2 dives) $ 149,-
  • Underwater navigation (3 dives) $ 209,-
  • Night dive (3 dives) $ 239,-  
  • Deep dive (4 dives) $ 269,-
  • Wreck dive (4 dives) $ 269,-

Interested in other specialties? Please contact us.

Our prices are including taxes and excluding dive gear and tanks. Above prices are per person. We can help you and advise about the options for the rent of gear and tanks. 

STINAPA Nature Fee

Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA) was founded in 1962. STINAPA is the organization that manages Bonaire’s nature parks on behalf of the Bonairian government.
Something unique about Bonaire’s nature parks is that they are managed and maintained almost completely with funding and support from its visitors. Therefore, your contribution really makes a difference as it enables us to protect Bonaire’s valuable and vulnerable nature parks.

Nice to meet you!

My first dive in 1991 was on the Great Barrier reef in Australia. In 2005 I got certified for the PADI Open Water and that moment diving changed my life. In 2013 I became a PADI Open Water Instructor. I never forget my first certified student. What a great moment it was! Ten years ago I moved to Bonaire (Shore Dive Capital of the World) and start working as a full time Dive Instructor.

Today I’m a PADI Master Instructor and I have certified almost 600 PADI divers and logged more than 1900 dives on Bonaire. You find me in the water when I work and on my days off. On these days I go diving with friends and take them to special dive sites like Cai, Baby Beach, Lighthouse, Red Slave and Tailor made. Or we go to a regular one which is also beautiful to see. I am looking forward to guide you and show you the surprising and magical reefs of Bonaire.